OK, Now Push!


Push Gifts - Mom Kissing Baby

In nearly every comedy about birth, these words precipitate a hand held so tightly by a woman in labor that an expectant father’s fingers are crushed. No one really does more work in a delivery room, though, than a mother as she brings a new life into the world. And that’s why, even though no gift is as precious as the gift of life, something called a push gift has come into fashion. 

Unlike gifts at a baby shower, the push gift started as a gift for the mother herself. Usually given shortly before or just after a baby’s birth. Some say that the baby’s birth allowed women to push their husbands for gifts, often diamond jewelry, as a thank you for nine months of loopy hormones, weight gain, and stretch marks. But these days, push gifts are not just a one way street; Daddy bloggers all over America recommend getting something for dad in recognition of his moral support and emotional journey through birth. 

We can’t say what you should buy for dad,  but when it comes to mom, we know that diamonds are the best choice. Nephora recommends getting your wife a diamond initial pendant. But since the standard for a push gift is there is no standard, going classic with a diamond ring is not a bad option either.