The Secrets of Stackable Rings


What do Michelle Obama and Kendall Jenner have in common? Besides being mega celebrities, both women show why the stackable rings trend is here to stay.

The former first lady was spotted in July wearing an eye-popping $20,000 set of designer stackable rings while presenting at the 2017 ESPYs. And while the general style guide of less is more applies in so many other areas of fashion, when it comes to stackable rings, there is only one big rule: balance.

Stacking rings first and foremost is about recognizing the beauty in simple designs and then layering patterns to create an overall effect.

One cool way to create a beautiful wow factor would be to stack rings of different colors: pairing, say, Nephora’s half diamond 14k rings with a ring that features different stones, like Nephora’s white gold blue and pink sapphire rings. This gives the stack a feeling of not only variety but also of color and depth.  

Solitaire rings stack well togeter, but a great way to mix up the trend is to include different kinds of rings in a single stack. This means mixing emerald, round or heart cut solitaires with simple bands and incorporating rings that feature interesting metallic designs with, or instead of, gems. This creates space on your fingers so it doesn’t look like you have too many rings on. In fact, it will look like you have perfectly stackable sets.

And don’t forget that since there are no real rules when it comes to creating a stackable set, you don’t just have to shop for rings that say stackable to stack your bling.

Image Credit: Image Group LA/ABC via Getty.

Michelle Obama Stackable Rings - Image Group LA/ABC via Getty